Protective face mask featuring a filter pocket and elastic head band. 


*** Special Note:  We've had a few questions regarding the care of our face masks. The masks are made of 100% cotton and lined with a cotton/poly blend. This fabric is washable, and regular washing with detergent is recommended. However, we suggest hanging up your masks to dry. This will help your mask to maintain its original shape/size and prolong the integrity of the elastic band.

Face Mask-I'm a soccer for you

  • No returns/refunds given due to the personal nature of this product. 

    • The finished size for our standard mask is 5.5" measured from the middle of the bridge of the nose to just under the chin and fits most adults.

      • If you need a Larger size we can make a 6.5" This will also increase the overall size of the mask from standard
      • If you need a Smaller size we can make a 5.0" This will also decrease the overall size of the mask from the standard

      Please indicate in the Add A Note option at checkout if a mask should be different.


      • Drangonfly - Large
      • Cupcakes - Small
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